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Richard Farren Barber, Closer Still review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Richard Farren Barber’s latest novella Closer Still is a story with a message. It’s a ghost story but it also speaks of the age-old problem of bullying.

Rachel is one of those girls that doesn’t fit in. Oh, there was a time when she one of the gang but after the death of her friend, Katie she finds herself an outcast. It wasn’t her fault that Katie died but like so many others we know blame has to be placed upon someone’s shoulders and so Rachel finds herself being tormented relentlessly by her once pals.

At first, it seemed harmless when Katie began visiting Rachel. But, lately, Katie has taken umbrage upon hearing what the girls are doing to Rachel. As Katie’s strength grows here in the physical world things take on a malevolent air which causes Rachel to be fearful of her once friend. Soon enough Rachel has to make a decision, does she allow Katie to continue taking revenge on her tormentors or does she turn her back on the only one that listens to her and help her enemies?

Although this story isn’t designated as a YA read, I believe it would be enjoyed by such readers as well as adults. You know, the teen years are rough for many. You’re straddling the gap between childhood and adulthood and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where you fit in. Add in bullying and life becomes intolerable. I found this a timely story as here in the US October is National Bullying Prevention Month. I do recommend reading this one! You can pick up your copy HERE!!

4/5      Closer Still

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  1. Sounds like a great read. I do love a good ghost story 🙂

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