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We’ve got some great talent writing for us these days. A group of excellent minds have helped to keep this machine plowing forward, and it’s time to give credit where credit is truly due.

Take a look at our active contributors by selecting the drop down option under the Contributors tab, these are the dedicated minds who help HNR to successfully function!



2 Comments on HNR Contributors

  1. Nice to have this posted…get to have an idea about the other contributors and what they are like. I noted that several were unable to choose favorite authors…had the same issue , what with being a fan of Steinbeck,Rand,King ,Lansdale and so many others…I went with my first love…Mr Ray Bradbury…devotion won over. But kudos to those who could easily select one….as always…just me…the old hippie…Vitina Molgaard.


  2. Colin Bradley // April 21, 2014 at 11:54 am // Reply

    Enjoyed reading this, would love pictures to put a face to the writing.

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