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Slenderman Video: Author Lee McGeorge Explores the Home of Slenderman!


Lee McGeorge, whose stellar effort, The Thing: Zero Day (Review) made our Best of 2015 list (which you can read right here), isn’t sitting on his laurels, and he isn’t about to slow down. The man is on a mission to take the horror genre by storm and having just concluded reading an advance copy of his latest novel Slenderman, Slenderman, Take this Child (Review), I can comfortably say he’s not only headed in the proper direction, he’s one of the rare souls genuinely equipped with the tools to make a dream a reality.

Lee just shot us through an amazing video crafted for all and dedicated to the loyal followers of HNR. In the video we gain a little bit of early insight into Slenderman, Slenderman, Take this Child, and actually get a look at a location featured prominently in the novel.

The novel is brilliantly disconcerting, and this video makes for an awesome preparatory companion to a novel that will no doubt be recognized as one of 2016’s most disturbing arrivals.

And let’s all just be honest for a moment, who doesn’t want to see the foliage that houses this nasty paranormal menace?

Check out the video below, and prepare yourself for the 20th of January, when Slenderman, Slenderman, Take this Child officially arrives.

You can find Lee’s website right here.

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