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Mack Moyer


Name: Mack Moyer

Age: 30

Location: Philly, PA

Favorite Novels: All of Stephen King’s work (when he was on the booger sugar, not so much afterward)

Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Brendan Ball, Andy Goldman

Favorite Quote: “Whenever my body tells me to stop with the drinking and smoking, I punch myself in the liver to remind him who’s in charge.” – Something I heard in a bar once


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Full Bio: I love horror because it’s far less terrifying than real life. Having spent much of my life in Philly dive bars with criminals, suicidal drunks and professional couch surfers (all of whom I count as friends), that opinion should come as no surprise. Permuted Press is publishing my novel. As a reviewer, I’m tough but fair, though I’ll usually find a way to insert a poop joke into your review. I rarely drink in the daylight, but sometimes I can’t help it. That’s me.

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