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David Blackthorn

Name: David Blackthorn

Age: 43

Location: Central Arizona

Favorite Novels: The Exorcist, The Necroscope Series, The Rising, Eaters of the Dead, Stinger…Just too many to list.

Favorite Authors: Brian Lumley, John Saul, Robert McCammon, Bram Stoker…just too many to list.

Favorite Quote: What an excellent day for an exorcism.


Full Bio: David Blackthorn lives in Arizona where he raises killer chihuahuas. His passion for reading extends from classic ghost stories to modern splatterpunk and everything in between. His movie collection is graced with subjects like zombies, possession, vampires (none that sparkle), cannibals and any other terrifying and gory thing imaginable.
A former musician, Blackthorn has performed guitar, bass, vocals or a combination for bands in the past with styles ranging from classic metal to death metal. His true passion, however, still lies in the pages of books. His own short stories have appeared in anthologies in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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