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S.T. King


Name: S.T. King

Age: The square root of 784 (28 for those of you who loathe rithmatic)

Location: Good ole sunny all day Florida.

Favorite Novels: The first four you made me choose (so demanding you are, reader)
The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
Let the Right One in by John Ajvide Lindqvist
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker.

Favorite Authors: Ernest Hemingway, Clive Barker, Stephen King

Favorite Quote: Time is the most divine of all murderers. – S.T. King

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Full Bio: S.T. King was born pissed off because it’s so goddamn hot and humid in Florida. He graduated from a fair-sized high-school in Jacksonville, informally nicknamed Toilet Paper High. He went on to college pissed off still – because he was still stuck in Florida, The University of North Florida — yet somehow, he made it through with a couple degrees.

He earned his bachelor degree in Psychology, his masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He’d like to think he’s helping people, purge the sweltering masses of dead flesh from their closets. When his office though is clear, and when the lock clicks and the lights dim, he likes to think he’s a writer, so much he’s finishing his first novel.

If you asked him about the writing process he’d likely compare it to an arranged marriage. He tied the knot with his thoughts young and while still learning to walk in steel-toe dress shoes. Now he wants to breed and make little pissed off demon-spawn: minions that like pepperoni pizza, and cenobites, and apple pie.

Of course he hopes they’ll grow up and do something big with their depraved lives: become the president, or a Supreme Court Justice (or a clown); but he also likes to think he’s humble, and so he’ll be just as content if they merely settle to clean your toilets, or mow your lawn.

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