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Myra Gabor


Name: Myra Gabor	

Age: Aw, come on, I’m retired, ‘nuf said 

Location: Israel

Favorite Novels: Journey to the Center of the Earth is the only one I’ve
read eleven times, but it’s closely followed by Relic by Preston & Child.

Favorite Authors: Jules Verne (natch), Preston & Child, Dean Koontz, Jayne
Ann Krentz (under her several aliases). Mary Higgins Clark (she used to
write great suspense novels, but not so much anymore), ditto Ruth Rendell.

Favorite Quote: Insanity is inherited. You get it from your children.

Contact: I read all my email – you can get me at: 

Associated Links: Goodreads (under my alias M Werber), Amazon (under hubby's
name) and Romance Junkies (under my own name – and I make no excuses for
liking romance novels as well as horror novels). Facebook, but I don’t
really post anything, just play games.

Full Bio: Born in Brooklyn, NY, in the area known as Williamsburg. Took a
look recently thanks to, but it’s all gone, been turned
into a parking lot. Moved with the family to Jersey City, NJ, a nice enough
area, finally graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s Degree in
history. Married a Dane, lived in Copenhagen for awhile, hated it, moved to
NJ, he hated it, so compromised by moving to Israel. Well, everybody has a
reason for living where they do. It’s not so bad here. The climate is great,
lots of English speakers, and most people are very kind. Even strangers will
get off the bus to point you in the right direction.

Been wearing my hair really short for a really long time, but lately, in
airports and stores, people are starting to address me as “sir”. So now I
have to remember to buy (and use) lipstick or at least remember to put on
earrings before I leave the house. Gotta have a long talk with my

In order to support a local group, I started taking art lessons about a year
ago. To my surprise, I found out that I can draw something more than stick
figures. Had two pictures shown in a local exhibition last year and am
waiting to hear if one of mine got accepted for an exhibition this year. If
any of you want my advice, study anything new¸ no matter how much you think
that it’s not for you. A good teacher¸ one who is encouraging, makes all the

Pet peeve (I know, no one asked for it, but here goes): people who don’t
shut doors. Just let ‘em bang in the wind. After my nerves are shot from the
noise, I’m the one who has to get up and shut the door.

Regarding the picture, I like to think that I really do look better in

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