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Matthew J. Barbour


Name: Matthew J. Barbour

Age: 35

Location: Bernalillo, New Mexico.

Favorite Novels: Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite, Ghoul by Brian Keene, I am Legend by Richard Matheson, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and World War Z by Max Brooks.

Favorite Authors: Poppy Z. Brite, Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum, Joe R. Lansdale, and Edward Lee.

Favorite Quote: “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass and I’m all out of bubblegum.” Roddy Piper, They Live.


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Full Bio: Matthew J. Barbour holds BA (2002) and MA (2010) degrees in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico and has worked for the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs since 2002. Most of this time has been spent with the Office of Archaeological Studies, where he headed a number of large-scale archaeological excavation and survey projects throughout New Mexico but mostly in and around the cities of Deming and Santa Fe. Currently, he is the Manager of Jemez Historic Site (Giusewa Pueblo/San Jose de los Jemez Mission) in Jemez Springs. Matt’s research interests are varied, ranging from the impacts of colonialism on indigenous populations to urban expansion during the Prohibition and Depression Eras. He has published more than 100 nonfiction articles and monographs on the archaeology and history of the American Southwest. Matt is a regular contributor to several local newspapers and regional magazines. In 2012, and then again in 2014, he was awarded the City of Santa Fe Heritage Preservation Award for Excellence in Archaeology.

Mr. Barbour also writes a variety speculative fiction from his home in Bernalillo, New Mexico. He shares this abode with his wife and three children. A purveyor of “splatterpunk” horror, “grimdark” fantasy, “weird west” science fiction, children’s literature and erotica, his writing has appeared in the Dog Tags and Camouflage anthology edited by Kayci Morgan, New Realm magazine, and The Western Online, among many other places. Many of the tales feature the dramatic and haunting landscapes of the American Southwest where the author was raised.

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