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Jonathan Winn, The Martuk Series Vol. 1 review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

When reading anything by Jonathan Winn one must be ready to be blown away by his visually descriptive narrative. Be prepared to be taken outside of your comfort zone as you read of a child being slain yet it is written so beautifully that you are in awe rather than distressed. Words flow across the pages like poetry in motion. Reading like a historical account you will be swept away in an alternate reality.

The Martuk Series Vol. 1 is a compilation of 5 stories that tie in together. For those of you familiar with Martuk…The Holy the characters will be familiar, if you haven’t read the aforementioned book, no worries this one stands alone quite well.

The first story, The Wounded King, begins the saga of the Almost King. Here we are introduced to the darkness that prevails within the city of Uruk. The stage is set, and we learn of the order of Priests who work against the king. There is a heaviness that looms as we read of demons and gods, blood sacrifices to appease and hopefully gain favor. Evil abounds and there really isn’t any light to look forward to.

The Elder focuses on one of the Priests who strives for immortality. With his quest, he opens the door to an ancient curse that will bring unspeakable horror.

The brutality continues with the dream of a young boy in Red and Gold who covets the robes of priests. But, at what cost does one pay for a dream to come true?

 With The Tall Priest comes the story of betrayal and self-realization. Forewarned and facing death there is nothing to stop the inevitable.

As we leave behind the fate of one, we entertain the fate of another. The Magi

“I am called the Magi.

Not Magus, as I were one, simple man. But Magi.

For I am legion.

And I am wounded.”

Magi’s story starts 1000 years before the birth of Christ and he now finds himself reflecting on choices made and decisions to make in in a modern-day Paris café, desperate to find his darkness once more.

These short stories flow seamlessly into each other to create a stunning world that Winn has so graphically painted for us. Winn’s ability to intricately detail the surroundings leaves me awestruck. These stories are not only about magic they are MAGIC! Available June 20th, you can pre-order The Martuk Series Vol. 1, HERE!

5/5  Vol 1 Martuk

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