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Are you an aspiring writer? Hoping some website along the way will deem your work worthy of a showcase? We might be that website.

We’re out to cover as much horror as possible, and sometimes, it’s the quiet one in the corner, making no attempt to publish their works, who are the most frightening. Why not have your fiction read by a large audience? What can you possibly lose?

We bring you news, reviews, editorials, interviews, giveaways, contests and more. It’s time we give the hungry unknown authors of the world a chance to be read.

Now, keep this in mind, you’re welcome to submit (details below) your stories. However, they will be read. Each and every one of them. If they’re not up to snuff, they will not be featured. We like to maintain a certain measure of quality on the site, and that’s never going to change. If your work is outstanding, it just might land in the marquee. When you submit to us, you do so knowing that this is an opportunity for exposure (we’re currently averaging between 16k-20k views a month), and not monetary gain. However, if a publisher happens to read your story and like it, and they’re willing to pay you to publish it, it’s yours. We have no problem with that whatsoever. We want you to be able to make a living doing this.

Here’s how to submit:

Send your story to

In the subject line type SITE FEATURE – (STORY NAME) – (AUTHOR NAME)

If your story makes the cut, we’ll inform you via email and get it posted on the front page.

You MUST include some form of an image to promote the story. That can be a picture of yourself or a nifty little graphic you (or a friend) whipped up.

Good luck to all. We’re looking forward to providing new talent some exposure!

3 Comments on Site Feature Submissions

  1. Er, um…are you still doing Site Feature reviews? I don’t yet have a novel to submit, just a short fiction piece or two. Thought I would ask before submitting for real.


  2. I am a published horror and paranormal Kindle book author. Would you be willing to have a look at a couple of my own horror stories?


  3. I am writing to ask about your interest in reading my new novel. It will be released June 20th on all or most platforms. If you have time or interest please let me know.

    “Seven dangerous juvenile delinquents are taken into the woods on a wilderness therapy treatment program. But instead of redemption, they find a murderous beast intent on taking them out.”

    Think Lord of the Flies meets JAWS


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