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Lois Kennedy

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Name: Lois Kennedy

Age: 31

Location: California

Favorite Novels: The Color of Summer, The Bonesetter’s Daughter, Just After Sunset, The Devil in Silver, The Lacuna

Favorite Authors: David Sedaris, Victor LaValle, Reinaldo Arenas, Amy Tan, Stephen King, Ira Levin, Robert Bloch, Barbara Kingsolver, Robert Rodi

Favorite Quote: “Bad zombies! Shoo!”


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Full Bio: I love horror movies. And writing about horror movies. And reading serious discourse about horror movies. And talking about horror movies. And yoga. Did I mention horror movies?

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  1. Hey Lois, Michael Kehoe here, the writer/director of THE HATRED due out in Sept. I just wanted to correct you about David Naughton’s role in the film. He’s not a waiter. He’s a college professor. Not sure if you knew.

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