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Keith Deininger, Violent Hearts: A Haunted Journey review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

If you like reading stories of the battle between good vs. evil along the lines of King’s, The Stand or Swan Song by McCammon you are going to love this! Keith Deininger is at the top of his game with Violent Hearts. A well-plotted story that keeps you turning the page, Violent Hearts takes us through the mundane of every day living into the surreality of nightmares come to life.

Deininger is one of those authors that excels at world building. He intricately maps out the environs as the story unfolds and lets you visualize the surroundings with your own added touches that create a one of a kind experience. This is a story where worlds collide yet somehow mesh together as one and in the end, you will be left in awe of Deininger’s ability to tell a tale!

For me to tell you what the story is really about would be a disservice to the book as I don’t really think I can just briefly recap what I’ve just read, instead, I’ll give you this.

It had started that cold night spent in the woods with Chloe, all those years ago. They’d wakened something, something inside them both. But, for a while at least, they’d thought they could live normal lives…”

That one small excerpt says it all. The words they’d thought being key to the body of the story and oh, what a story it is. Our protagonists, Owen and Chloe will take you on a journey that is both mesmerizing and haunting. This one will stay with you for a long time! Truly this is not to be missed, pick up your copy HERE!

5/5  violent hearts

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