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Michaelbrent Collings, Terminal review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Holy cow! I’ve been a fan of Michaelbrent Collings’ books for a long time some I like a bit more than others, but I have never been disappointed in any of them. Terminal just happens to fall in the latter category. The synopsis had me intrigued, the story… on the edge of my seat!

The night is like any other at the small bus terminal in Idaho. Not much traffic only a handful of people waiting for the next bus out. A fog is beginning to envelop the building soon they will realize there is more to this fog as it thickens- much more.

The fog has brought an Other to join this hapless group now trapped within the walls of the bus terminal along with a cryptic message… only 1 will leave  all in favor. With the power cut off and no longer able to communicate with the outside world the group must use whatever means possible to survive.

As in all his books, Collings does a fantastic job in fleshing out his characters, we are able to form opinions, who to root for, who to dislike; yet as the story progresses, we find perhaps first impressions aren’t always what they seem.

This psychological horror thriller is a great study in human nature. What man would do when faced with a live or die situation can’t be answered until you are actually in that position. Terminal reads like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Some of the pieces fit right in while others that look like they would fit aren’t quite the right piece at all and until that last piece is put in place the puzzle is not complete.

If you need a fast-paced thriller that chills and keeps you guessing, look no further… get Terminal HERE!

5/5  terminal

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  1. As always you delight me with your reviews. I enjoy the prospect of reading this. Psychological novel .

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  2. pvlimbaugh // May 3, 2019 at 11:44 am // Reply

    Thanks, Vitina!


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