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Lee McGeorge ‘Slenderman, Slenderman, Take this Child’ Review

Slenderman, Slenderman, Take this Child

Written by: Matt Molgaard

For more than half decade I’ve sought out a high caliber piece of entertainment based on the infamous Slenderman. I’ve read short stories, full-length novels and independent comic books. The masterful work evaded my grasp through each step of the trek. I’ve watched web series’, films and mockumentaries about Slenderman; never once have I been particularly impressed. It’s all a shame because there is a wealth of potential in this mysterious figure, and he’s been begging for a visionary to bring his legend to a new, enthralling level.

Slenderman just found his mark.

Lee McGeorge is a relative newcomer to the world of terror. Make no mistake, he’s written a handful of novels, including a now banned piece of fan fiction, The Tourist, and one of last year’s greatest novels, and the top fan fiction offering of 2015, The Thing: Zero Day. He’s not exactly a neophyte, but he is a lower profile star on the rise. He’s got a brilliant future in this business. He’s writing top notch fiction. And later this month fans will discover that he’s finally taken Slenderman into the terrifying territory he so deserves to occupy.

To be as point-blank as possible, Lee McGeorge gives us the first truly great Slenderman story, loaded with deeply unsettling character insight, harrowing depictions of graphic violence and the heartbreaking spiral of a community ill prepared for a nearly unstoppable evil. It’s an intense read that leaves the unsettled soul holding the book feeling rather disconcerted and constantly uncomfortable. It’s frightening, at times it’s downright disgusting. It sticks to the bones.

You won’t read many plot points here, as the thought of spoiling this one makes me cringe, but I will say this: McGeorge explores a fetching origin of the feared figure. As a result, he also treads in taboo waters, which could conceivably offend some. But there’s a respect and restraint applied to the more risqué material in the book, which not only prevents this one from slinking into the gratuitous realm, it helps it to slide comfortably into a position of pure genius.

2016 is off to one hell of a start.

We’ll bring you a nice, bold, italicized and underlined news break the moment this one is available to the masses!

Rating: 5/5

Lee McGeorge Slenderman, Slenderman, Take this Child

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