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Tommy B Smith, The Mourner’s Cradle review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

The Mourner’s Cradle: A Widow’s Journey by Tommy B Smith has been touted as a story regarding grief, I found it as one about finding validation for one’s being.

Anne Sharpe has more or less lived in her husband’s shadow for years, he was, after all, the Damon Sharpe. Damon an archaeologist was on the cusp of his most important discovery when he was struck down by a heart attack.

Although, ridiculed for his research others have been trying to steal his findings. When confronted with an intruder in her home immediately after Damon’s funeral, Anne makes an impetuous decision and takes off to Peru to complete what was started. While en route, Anne reaches out to an old friend of Damon’s and asks him to join her.

Unbeknownst to Anne they have been followed and her quest to find the legendary Mourner’s Cradle, an old graveyard of a long-gone civilization will be thwarted at every turn. With the steely determination of a superwoman, Anne will not be deterred no matter the cost!

While the story clips along at a fairly good pace I felt that it was a bit too rushed toward the ending. I also felt that the characters needed more depth especially Anne as she is the heroine of the story. I just didn’t feel for her one way or the other. I’m sure others will disagree with my opinion as there are some really good reviews on Amazon. For me, this was okay, and I do think it’s worth reading especially because there are plenty of reviews that praise the book. Remember my reviews are just my opinion. So, why not check it out for yourself and feel free to comment your thoughts here afterward. You can pick up your copy HERE!!

Oh, and I would like to give a nod to Ben Baldwin for another outstanding cover!!

3/5      the mourner's cradle

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  1. As always you review stories so very well.

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  2. Thank you, Vitina!


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