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Matthew Weber, Teeth Marks review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Yikes! What do get when you mix some biting humor in with a dash of horror? Teeth Marks!! Matthew Weber’s latest release is a dark collection of 12 stories that are sure to make an impression, a deep indented impression! There’s a mix of previously and first-time published stories included in this collection giving us 12 stories in all.

Suburban Facebreaker shows us the lengths that some grandmas will go to when it comes to protecting one of their own. I’ll tell one thing, it ain’t pretty!

Silly Rabbits, and no, I’m not talking Trix is a gruesome little tale of the table being turned.

Of All the Nights, yep, of all the nights it just happened to be THAT night the robbers decided to strike! Oh well, if you ask me, they got what was coming to ‘em.

Burt’s Top Secret Spice Mix. You know, they say food soothes the savage beast. Well, sometimes you need to add a little spice to the mix if you really want to tame that beast.

Dang… Waist Deep is a bloody good story of secrets and lies.

Louise, Your Shed’s on Fire… Eek!!  Invasion of the body snatchers!

Everyone wants a little Slice of Heaven, right? Lovesick Arnold did all that he could to change the unrequited love from Clara into something more. Sometimes fate has a way of stepping in.

Cookies is a weird little sci-fi horror that reminds me of an Aesop fable.

Gas Pedal, dang! Tell a man he’s nobody too long and he’s going to show you what he’s really made of.

Ooh, what a creepy supernatural read this was. The Red Card showed up the first morning in Caroline’s new apartment with a cryptic message, it only gets worse…

The Neighbor at the Curb, this fast-paced thriller may make you look at those unassuming neighbors a little differently.

Ah, the best was saved for last. Jacob Mosley’s Raw Deal will make you think twice before wishing for something you shouldn’t.

So, there you have it. A quick rundown of all the stories found in this collection. Bite the bait and pick up your copy HERE. You won’t be disappointed!

5/5  teeth marks

3 Comments on Matthew Weber, Teeth Marks review

  1. Great to see you reviewed Matthew Weber’s latest collection of tales.

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  2. Thanks so much for the great review!

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  3. It is well-deserved!


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