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Buried Hatchet Publishing: NOW OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS! 

Buried Hatchet Publishing is a brand new horror fiction publishing house. We focus mainly on eBook distribution in the dark/splatterpunk horror genre. Buried Hatchet Publishing is open to unsolicited manuscript submissions!


1. Send a query letter to


*A short synopsis of your manuscript (not a blurb!).
*A brief bio.
*Total word count.
*How you would approach the marketing of your book.
*What is your book’s primary and secondary genres?
*Contact details.

2. If we like what we see, we’ll contact you via email and request that you submit the first ten pages of your manuscript.


*Font must be Times New Roman 12pt.
*Double spacing.
*Either a doc or a docx file type.

3. Should the second stage adhere to our standards, we’ll request a complete manuscript submission.

4. The final stage will result in either a publishing deal or a rejection letter.


The manuscript must be complete. If you send us a “work in progress”, we’ll reject you automatically.

We expect exemplary grammar and perfect editing.

Failure to follow the submission guidelines will result in immediate rejection.


We don’t want zombies or vampires.

Gratuitous violence is allowed, but only if it fits the story.

No rape, no child abuse, no bestiality, no pornography, no animal abuse, no homophobia, no racism, no sexism.

DO NOT contact us. We’ll contact you.

Minimum 20 000 words.

Good luck! 

About Renier Palland (27 Articles)
Renier started his writing career as a film critic in the early 2000’s. A few years later, he was employed as a Senior Entertainment Writer at one of the biggest entertainment websites on the planet. He worked alongside celebrities, Hollywood agents and entertainment bigwigs for more than seven years. He received an international publishing deal in 2017. His debut splatterpunk trilogy, War Game, is slated for a 200 000-print USA and European release in March of 2018. The official launch will be held at Barnes & Noble in New York City.

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