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Nicolas Otero ‘Who Killed Kurt Cobain?: The Story of Boddah’ Review

Talk about a stunning work of emotionally exhausting greatness, Nicolas Otero’s Who Killed Kurt Cobain? forces readers through an elegant yet challenging gamut. The book’s bound to inspire a little laughter, a small river of tears and just about everything in between.

The story really follows the rollercoaster lifestyle of the late, great Kurt Cobain as narrated by his invisible friend, Boddah. And rollercoaster it is, as most would expect of the lead singer of Nirvana. But this tale is about as respectful as it gets, illuminating some of Cobain’s personal issues without blatantly exploiting them. One trek through the book left me feeling as though Otero carries a very real respect for Cobain and what he accomplished.

The artwork is infectious, the story poetic. The climax, an actual look at the words that Cobain sprawled on a half-crinkled piece of paper, addressed to his lifelong invisible friend. Reading that note rips away at something deep down inside, and ultimately serves as the poetic finale this modern day masterpiece is deserving of.

This isn’t a horror book in any kind of traditional sense. In fact, I’d almost recognize it as more of a biographical work than horror, or even thriller. But that said, there’s such a darkness to this story that does send a shiver running down the spine. It’s just one of many substantial details that come together to generate a wildly engaging tale of a man that I spent my teenage years admiring.

Nicolas Otero, wherever you are, thank you for this small sliver of greatness.

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Rating: 5/5

Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note

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