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The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe #1 (Review)

The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe #1

It’s been too long since I jumped into a quality tale from the great Edgar Allan Poe, but his works are never far from the mind of a genre fanatic. Poe’s influence is immeasurable; you can’t get away from it. That said, if you’re reading Dwight L. Macpherson’s story, The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe, you probably don’t want to get away from it.

Poe dozes off (I hope he’s just passed out, it sure would be grim to launch a story with a look at the primary antagonist kicking the bucket) and takes a wild adventure, where he encounters a few colorful characters (Poe’s assistant, Irving being the most endearing), obstacles more than fit for their source inspiration and the wondrous Spindle Towne, a fantastical little place where life is grand. The first issue is fast-paced and smooth regarding the narrative. The artwork – provided by the talented Luis Czerniawski – is as unique as it is eye-popping, and the coloring empowers the entire project. Technically speaking, issue one of this new series is impressively refined.

MacPherson is just one of the many talents working to bring awesome material to a wide variety of fans, and it is quite appreciated. I love the option to explore this genre in different mediums. I love the fact that the inaugural issue of The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe is sharp enough to appeal to grown folk and light enough to draw in younger readers. I love the collaboration of MacPherson and Czerniawski. The truncated rendition of this paragraph, just for the record, goes like this: I love this book. It has the potential to grow into something much, much larger than it is, at this point.

The book’s dark tone is balanced by an honest innocence ingrained in the characters. That’s one of the things that helps The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe to shine. It feels like a personal book. It also feels organic, characters generally making logical decisions that accompany rational reactions. It just works. The elements demanded and required to reach iconic status are in place. It’s time we find out if MacPherson and Czerniawski are prepared to showcase consistency over a planned 12-issue story arc. We’re certainly rooting for this awesome duo!

Order the first issue right here.

Rating: 5/5

The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe #1

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