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Rich Tommaso ‘She Wolf Volume 1’ Review

She Wolf Volume 1 by Image Comics

Sometimes it ends up being the quirky books with the unorthodox art and the bold story concepts that impress most; those just strange enough to be brilliant, before toppling over the cliff of absurdity stories that really capture our attention, and then our hearts. Those books are rarities, but they do exist, and when you find them, it’s all but impossible to avoid singing serious praise.

Rich Tommaso’s She Wolf is that book, to a T, and whether you favor genre-themed graphic novels or comics, or if you’re just on the hunt for a book that breaks every mold imaginable, you simply cannot lose with the gripping coming of age/monster story, She Wolf.

Gabbi is a werewolf. She doesn’t know the why, she’s not entirely clearly on the how, but she undergoes some seriously powerful transformations after an encounter with her loser ex-boyfriend seems to change her life… or is the horror rooted in much deeper soil?

Throughout the book we witness Gabbi experience a myriad of strange occurrences, all the while she only aims to understand the oddities that make her so different. She doesn’t easily make friends, as one might imagine, but when she does, she capitalizes and does everything in her power to unravel the mystery that has become her life.

There’s no need to spoil specifics of this beauty. It’s far too rewarding a read to litter this review with key spoilers. But the story plows forward at such a very smooth and lag-free pace that once you do get your hands on the book, you’ll reach pivotal story sequences early and often. You’ll understand that spoilers really aren’t a necessity. I’ve given you the gist, Rich Tommaso gives you the juicy creativity that turned heads at Image.

This isn’t a holiday themed book, but it felt like a perfect read on Thanksgiving. It’s just a fun book with some clever comedy sprinkled in to lighten what has the potential to be a truly dark narrative. Read the book, ASAP – you’ll thank us later!

Order it here.

Rating: 4/5

She Wolf Volume 1

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