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10 Must Read Horror Novels of 2016

Joe Hill The Fireman

Here’s an interesting fact: I haven’t reviewed a single title on this list. That doesn’t change the fact that these titles are all amazing, and 2016 – a year that belonged to Tor – has gifted us a few timeless tales.

Hunter Shea released a compelling tribute to an age old urban legend, Joe Hill released another captivating piece and Lee McGeorge slayed yet again with a groundbreaking work of fan fiction.

And those are just a few of the noteworthy novels to hit the market this year. Jump into our lineup if you’re interested in a quick guide to what you should be reading in 2016.

The Hill Has Fire

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3 Comments on 10 Must Read Horror Novels of 2016

  1. An awesome collection here. Some outstanding selection of reading material.


  2. I did enjoy The Empty Ones, as well as the first book.

    If you like vampires with lots of road rage action try reading Suicide Motor Club. One of the best vampire books I’ve read this year.

    I’m currently reading Certain Dark Things by Garcia-Moreno, which reminds me heavily of the From Dusk Til Dawn myths.


  3. Oh man, I published my horror novel ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ just before you made this list. Would have loved to have seen how it would have ranked amongst the others.

    Kind regards


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