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Ty Templeton, Eduardo Vienna ‘Evil Dead 2: Revenge of the Martians’ (Review)

Graphic novel Evil Dead 2 Revenge of the Martians

Written by: Matt Molgaard

I can’t seem to get enough Evil Dead on page. The comics have become wildly over the top and often feature Ash tangling with some absurd enemy. Take for example Evil Dead 2: Revenge of the Martians, in which Ash encounters some reanimated (you guessed it) Martian corpses and goes to town to rid the world of the imposing threat while impressing the feisty Norma.

Is it high brow material?

Lord no.

But this is peasant entertainment if ever there was peasant entertainment, and when it comes to Ash Williams and the Evil Dead, that’s exactly what I want. No need to pretend this is complex creativity.

All that really matters is that the story holds the reader and the illustrations impress. Space Goat’s latest Evil Dead 2 story, the aforementioned Revenge of the Martians, puts Ty Templeton in the writer’s chair while Eduardo Vienna handles the artwork. Both of these gents are perfect fits for the job, as they gift us a story that barrels forward while remaining true to the primary character of the story, Ash.

My only real complaint in regards to this one (and a great deal of the Evil Dead one-shots) is that it’s far too short. I want a beefy book to suck me into the realm of the supernatural. 30-some odd pages just leaves readers (at least this one) craving more. Maybe we can get a 48-page piece soon.

No matter how you slice it, Space Goat has given us another extremely entertaining Evil Dead 2 book, and you’d be wise to pick it up. It’s not the best work we’ve seen Space Goat deliver, but it is damn fun, and at the end of the day, that’s what I’m looking for as a fan of the franchise and countless books related to the franchise.

My recommendation? Pre-Order this beast!

Rating: 4/5

Graphic novel Evil Dead 2 Revenge of the Martians

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