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Vishal Rajput’s ‘The Berzerk Death Dealer #1’ is Stuffed with Insane Action (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Welcome to Gothic Town, where one masked bad ass makes it a habit of slicing up those who’ve earned it, shall we say. But when the Berzerk Death Dealer encounters a gang of female assassins with some special sauce to modify them, this dealer gets a far greater challenge than expected.

The first issue of Vishal Rajput’s book basically serves two purposes. First is to introduce the titular character who, when not slicing and dicing, is smoking plenty of weed with his canine friend. The second is to showcase what the “man” is capable of. A death dealer who answers to an unknown boss man, this dude is all about mystery and charisma… and death, of course, and if Rajput can maintain a steady schedule releasing these books, he’s bound to develop one hell of a fan base.

The story is on the simple side, but the there’s some nice straight-forward humor that creates an appropriate balance. The action never subsides once the introductory pages have passed, and the toe to toe encounters tend to end on a bloody note. It’s good fun.

Right now we’ve got such little material to work with that it feels more like a sampler book than a full-on feature length issue. The fact is this book features a few more pages than your common book and it feels so fleeting because its only design is to catch readers with the hook. The Berzerk Death Dealer #1 definitely succeeds in sparking the readers’ bloodthirst.

We’re looking forward to the second issue!

Rating: 4/5


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  1. Sounds like a delightful read …


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