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Horror Story of the Week: Tyler Miller’s ‘Til Death Do Us’

Horror Story of the Week

This week our featured story of the week comes courtesy of Tyler Miller. A dialogue driven tale, this one is most certainly worth looking into. Below you’ll find a sample of the story, but you can read it in its entirety right here!

Til Death Do Us 

By: Tyler Miller 


The box arrived Thursday morning without any kind of label. It was small and plain, and Kenny Perkins left it on the edge of his desk until just before noon. When he finally opened it—he heard a wispy scratching from inside the box as he did—he discovered his wife’s severed finger and her wedding ring.

The severed finger lay shriveled like thin leather. Kenny could see the bone through the dull, translucent skin. The fingernail had grown long and jagged, its tip still that hideous shade of magenta Selma always wore. Now it looked more like blood. The final knuckle bent upward, pointing directly, accusingly, at Kenny.

Kenny set the box on the desk, stood and went to the door. He opened it softly.

“Yes, Mr. Perkins?”

“Julie, the box you brought in this morning, it didn’t have any address on it. Did you notice who left it?”

His secretary shook her head. “It was at the door when I opened up. Is there a problem, Mr. Perkins?”
“None at all.”

He shut the door.

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