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Halloween Hot Reads: 5 Questions with ’30 Days of Night’ Creator Steve Niles

I could tell you I’m a Steve Niles fan, or I could just tell you I think 30 Days of Night is the finest vampire story to land in our laps in decades. The latter probably seems a bit more convincing than the former, and it should. My fanboy love for this man’s work stretches back years however, and to be completely honest, there’s so much more to my adoration than just my approbation (not that Steve needs my co-signature) for 30 Days of Night. The Ghoul is great. 28 Days Later: The Aftermath is a certified winner. LUST, Dead, She Said and Edge of Doom are also top notch creations. Steve knows how to tell a riveting tale, and he’s shown no signs of slowing output or waning quality.

It’s with great pleasure that I offer to you a quick Q&A session that Niles and I recently shared. Steve touches down on the 30 Days of Night film adaptation (he’s far too humble when discussing this masterpiece!), Halloween festivities and one of his most recent works, Monster & Madman. Check it out below!

Horror Novel Reviews: 30 Days of Night (the film in specific) has its supporters and detractors. Personally, I think it’s the greatest vampire film to hit the market in decades (with only Let the Right One in rivaling its brilliance), and the graphic novels are absolutely genius. What do you think of the film adaptation, and how do you think it stacks up to other vampire pictures, both contemporary and vintage?

Steve Niles: I was very happy with the film. When I met with David Slade the first time all I asked him was to deliver a scary vampire movie because there are so few out there. I feel like he delivered. It wasn’t the comic exactly but I feel like Slade and Raimi made a great effort to get everything on screen. I can’t say how it stacks but some of my favorite vampire films are bother versions of Nosferatu and Near Dark and of course Let the Right One In. If we got anywhere near any of those I’m thrilled, but I can’t really say. I’m too close to the material.

HNR: I know you worked on Rumors of the Undead, which was a very, very impressive read. Can we expect to see you involved in the creation of more full length novels in the future, or do you prefer to focus on graphic novels?

SN: I have a novel World of Hurt that I need to turn in soon. Dark Horse is also rereleasing the Cal Mcdonald novels. I would like to write more prose but comics are my first love and I enjoy writing stories in that medium best. I would like to do more prose in the future though.

HNR: Tell me about some of the creators who have inspire you.

SN: It all begins and ends with Richard Matheson. He was such an inspiration to me and everybody he inspired; Stephen KIng, George Romero to name a few, have also inspired me. Matheson meant so much to me as a kid and as an adult. I think I Am Legend is one of the greatest stories. Too bad they haven’t made that one into a film, huh?


HNR: I’ve heard some great things about Monster & Madman, but I’ve yet to have the chance to get my hands on it. Fill me in on the project: What’s it about?

SN: The year is 1888 and the Frankenstein Monster has wandered into White Chapel. There are horrible murders happening and soon the Monster finds himself hunted for those crimes. He is befriended by a doctor who says he can help the Monster create a bride. This turns out to be Jack the Ripper.

HNR: What does a Steve Niles Halloween look like? Any traditions, or routines you’ve taken a liking to over the years?

SN: It’s Halloween all year round in this house. The place looks like the Addams Family and the Monsters had a yard sale. We buy pumpkins to carve but we already have everything else. I will say this, even though I own just about every horror movie made, I still love catching them on TV so this time a year is great for that. October is my favorite month of the year.

Stay up to date with Steve’s creative endeavors right here.

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  1. Matthew J. Barbour // October 11, 2014 at 8:44 pm // Reply

    30 days of night was great. I have not read all the sequels…. my love for the story I think comes from the view of vampires almost more as beast like monsters than suave gentlemen. I am not typically a Frankenstein fan but probably have to check out monster and madman.


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