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Kim W. Andersson ‘The Complete Love Hurts’ Review

Kim W. Andersson’s amazing anthology (look for nearly 35 amazing short stories to dump an hour or so into) The Complete Love Hurts is a study of the average relationship and how fucking terrible it can feel. The book has an excellent variety of stories, and the fusion of heartbreak and homicidal tendencies, along with some morbid twists and a little dark humor succeeds in the sense that it’s a basic warning guide to potential love-related falls.

But understand that it is an absurdly engaging read, it’s wildly entertaining, and it literally has so many standout tales that I had to alter my planned approach, which would have resulted in me providing breakdowns for every story that I was fond of. That would have gobbled up words at an insane rate, and I’m not trying to bore you to death, I’m trying to tell you that you should be reading Dark Horse’s absolutely infectious graphic novel.

Anderson does such a great job in delivering a collection that moves at lightning speed. There are extremely few tales that fail to impress. The writing is consistent. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, with soft curving lines often colliding with straight lines, it gets the brain working in a weird way, and it’s hard not to be sucked in by such strange but effective and beautiful illustrations.

The Complete Love Hurts is just a marvelous collection!

If you like horror and some comedic lines injected with pure blackness, this is a fine book for you. If you’ve ever had your chest ripped open and your heart yanked out, this is a fine book for you. If you’ve recently parted ways with your loved one, this is a stellar book to temporarily replace your Bible. If you… ah hell, I think you’re probably picking up what I’m putting down. Grab this book ASAP, it’s absolutely amazing!

You can order it here!

Rating: 5/5


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