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‘Dylan Dog: Dawn of the Dead’ is Infinitely Better than the Crappy Movie We Saw!

Many will remember the embarrassing Dylan Dog, which was shoved into the theaters, only to bomb on a grand level. So, naturally, the film was shoved in our face quickly, a transition to DVD that seemingly no one wanted. Again, it tanked with home viewers and collectors. So, when I was recommended the Dylan Dog graphic novels, I nearly laughed. But I figured, what the hell – let’s track down what we can track down and see if this story is any more successful on paper.

Lo and behold, it’s infinitely better on paper. Tiziano Sclavi crafts a tale both familiar and refreshing, as Dylan Dog is forced to go toe to toe with a maniac doctor who’s created a serum that will bring the dead back to life. I probably don’t need to explain the problems with a scenario like that. But, things never become too grand for Dylan, who’s not just a suave dude, he’s prepared to battle any forces of evil. Some maniacal witch doctor in a suit? No sweat.

The book looks absolutely brilliant. I’ve always been a fan of black and white books, but not every black and white book gets the shading quite as right as what we’ve got here. There are sequences that look certifiably bone chilling, and that only helps to keep the book glued to your hands.

Look, I won’t pretend the film was a winner (it was a really far cry from winner territory), but I will tell you without hesitation that Dylan Dog: Dawn of the Dead makes for a damn fine read. 100 pages of twists, turns, mounting conflicts and a whole lot of shambling zombies ensures you never have the hint of a moment to be bored by the book. Pick it up if you can somehow find it!

Rating: 4/5


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2 Comments on ‘Dylan Dog: Dawn of the Dead’ is Infinitely Better than the Crappy Movie We Saw!

  1. Dylan Dog fumettis always been marvellous… thak you, Sclavi. In movies I can only recommend Dellamorte Dellamore. I was enthusiastic with the Dylan Dog movie by the time it was announced, until I saw the trailer. I didn’t even bother to watch it after I saw that crap.


    • I’ll be honest, there’s a little part of me that likes the movie as a so bad it’s good kind of flick. But the books, holy hell the books really have me hooked. Dylan Dog: Jack the Ripper is going up today!

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