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‘THE NAPKIN ART OF TIM BURTON: things you think about in a bar’ Review

Napkin Art of Tim Burton

Written by: Matt Molgaard

The absolute finest companion piece for your decorative coffee table, The Napkin Art of Tim Burton is an insanely creative and enlightening piece work. Filled front to back with creative concoctions from one of today’s greatest visionaries, it’s a true wonder to behold. The thoughts and imagery that travel through Burton’s mind while relaxing, passing time in bars and lounges is absolutely wild.

And yes, every image you see was indeed once doodled on a napkin, justifying – with all honesty – the very title of the book. And let’s just say this: we see some insane creatures on page here. It’s a superb amalgamation of imaginative thoughts and if you closely enough, you just might spot a creation or two that resemble some of the outlandish inventions we’ve seen from Burton’s consistently genius pictures.

If I had to choose one area in which could be deemed a weakness, it’s the lack of first-hand recounts from Burton. It would have been amazing to read a bit more from Burton, perhaps describing the inspiration behind a few of his illustrations. What we get is a simple – and brief – introduction from the man himself. While that makes for a warm opener, I wouldn’t have minded the occasional personal story from the living legend sprinkled periodically throughout the 140 pages.

As it is, even without a bit more 411, or anecdotal tidbits from Burton, the book is great. It’s found a comfortable home on my coffee table, and more than a single one of my guests have found themselves picking up this beautiful little book that has the words things you think about in a bar printed on the cover. After all, who wouldn’t find such a hook magnetic?

This is a book to order for your friends and family. It’s also an illuminating look into one of today’s most intricate and infectious minds. Order it immediately, right here!

Rating: 4/5

Napkin Art of Tim Burton

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1 Comment on ‘THE NAPKIN ART OF TIM BURTON: things you think about in a bar’ Review

  1. Ah this holds quite a bit of promise…Looking forward to a viewing of it. I agree it would have been nice to have more thoughts and shares from Tim Burton…but then hey they were created while in a bar..Just saying.


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