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Aaron Frale’s ‘Playlist of the Ancient Dead’ is Up for a Kindle Scout Publishing Deal

Playlist of the Ancient Dead sounds like an enticing piece of work. And author Aaron Frale is on the cusp of seeing the book take off. It’s been an Amazon hot read for weeks, and if enough kind readers extend the book a vote of confidence, Frale is going to see his novel reach new heights.

Want to see Aaron Frale’s Playlist of the Ancient Dead get the publishing deal it deserves? You can help make it happen. All you’ve got to do is follow this link, and click the nominate button.

Looking for an extra perk? If Frale’s book wins the Kindle Scout competition, everyone who votes for the book will receive a free digital copy!

Caroline meanders through post-graduate life in a haze of indecision. During a walk with her dog, she encounters a mysterious doorway that didn’t exist the last time she went by the building. A washed up government spook named Murphy approaches Caroline about the doorway. He explains that another doorway appeared years ago and his girlfriend was lost with the original team sent inside to explore. Murphy nicknames the building “the warehouse.”


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