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Alessandro Manzetti, Paolo Di Orazio, The Monster, The Bad and The Ugly review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

First and foremost, Alessandro Manzetti is a poet. His stories reflect that with a lyrical sense in the telling of each story. Words seem to flow together with a lilt and no matter if the story is horrific or not you will find joy in the reading the words.

Paolo Di Orazio is more forthcoming in his style. His illustrations are graphic and detailed as are his stories.  Paolo’s talent is showcased by both the excellent illustrations gracing the pages of this book and of course, his stories.

Together these two authors give us what we expect; a brilliantly done compilation of stories that both chill and thrill!

In keeping with the title… The Monster, The Bad and The Ugly we are given a little of everything…

In Long Hair’s Inferno (Manzetti) we find Custer reliving that final battle over and over again, one day he may get it right.

The Man Who Ate Flowers (Manzetti), is a sad, yet horrific tale in so many ways. Loosely based on the serial killer Albert Fish your emotions are tugged. No doubt he is a monster, but at one time he was a child.

Lu’Lu (Manzetti) is an ugly story told beautifully of a mother and daughter. It’s a new world, yet the world’s oldest profession still thrives. Here, prostitution not only brings in the money but food to the table.

Even the Devil can be frightened. In Join the Wrong Race: The Human-Spider Express (Di Orazio) we meet Gerardo an evil man with no conscious when it comes to killing. Ah, but soon he will have to face the same fears he has instilled in others.

Any woman who has ever given birth has heard the horror stories… the pain, the things that can go so horribly wrong and yet babies continue to be born. The Incubator (Di Orazio) reads like an acid trip gone bad. Nina can only hope she’ll wake from this nightmare.

Like Pandora’s Box, Hell (Di Orazio) gives us a glimpse of what happens when temptation proves to be stronger than our resolve.

The above is just a few of the stories you’ll find in The Monster, The Bad and The Ugly, overall I found this to be a thoroughly entertaining read. You can pick up your copy HERE!




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  1. Having read and reviewed Paolo Di Orazio , I believe this should be one excellent review. Thank you.. Paula for the review…need to put this on my to be read list. Sounds like a tasty collection from both of these excellent authors.


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