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Anthony Hains ‘The Disembodied’ Review

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Once again, Mr Hains serves us with a sinfully delicious read.

We have a young boy (Griffin) with a disorder known as the depersonalisation disorder. An unusual quirk to the character that makes us feel sympathy towards the young guy. Especially when we hear this disorder is not his only issue. He has a strained relationship with his father. And that is an understatement. Oh, and he keeps seeing a strange red-headed boy that usually makes an appearance around the time that trouble happens. Thus begins our story.

This is a well-paced, addictive, and thrilling book. There are so many elements to this novel that make it an insatiable read. We have the supernatural, the natural, and a mixture of adorable and hateful characters that really make the book!

Personally, I adored the relationship between the young boy Griffin and his grandfather Soren. It was a realistic bond that I feel most will relate too. I have a great relationship with my own grandfather, and the love and affection Soren shows for his grandson is alarmingly accurate. We sense they care for each other a great deal, and need each other as the mystery unfolds.

Drama, mystery, suspense, and horror! ‘The Disembodied’ is a remarkable read that will keep you on your toes.

Not only has the author crafted a genuine relationship between grandfather and grandson, but all the relationships are genuine. Even the strained ones. As we all know, no family is perfect. There is always someone causing trouble or ruining the otherwise happy family moments. We feel hate for a collection of characters and pray that they receive their karmic punishment.

The scenic descriptions in this novel are uncanny. The author manages to make us feeling balmy and hot, then shivering with goosebumps. Sensory depictions at their best! All of which helps bring us into this magnificent story and not just be a reader, but feel like an active participant.

Then there is the child that Griffin can see. Is he real? Is it a hallucination? Is it a side-effect of his medication? Either way, some scenes where this red-headed child is present are eerie and unsettling. Not to mention confusing. Until Mr Hains explains all with a powerful climax that perfectly ends the story.

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All-in-all a terrific read. A strange red-headed boy. An unsettling mystery. An excellent twist. And an explosive climax. A highly recommended read!

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5


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4 Comments on Anthony Hains ‘The Disembodied’ Review

  1. Wesley Thomas .. Delightful promise here. You have intrigued me with your review. I covered ” Birth Offerings,” right around two years ago and completely found Anthony Hains writing to be excellent …I loved that one and believe this one will live up to the talent I expect he is very capable of creating. Thank you for this review.


  2. One other note…this cover rocks.. just saying. Vitina


  3. Sounds like a cool read 🙂


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