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Bruce Boston-Alessandro Manzetti, Sacrificial Nights review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

You know, I never was one much for poetry until I read Eden Underground by Alessandro Manzetti which I reviewed here last year. That book really opened my eyes to how much more poetry can be. I have since been expanding my horizons and just have to share my latest find which is a collaboration from Bruce Boston and Alessandro Manzetti.

Both award-winning authors have their own distinctive style, yet when co-mingling their thoughts the fluidity of their words form a cohesive story. Sacrificial Nights is an artistically done novella told in verse. Rich vivid imagery is formed as you read, transporting you to a raw grittier side of city life.

This reads like Frank Miller’s Sin City with Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side lyrics dancing through your head. Here we meet people scraping by, living the only life they’ll ever know while trying to make it through another night. Chapter by chapter the story unfolds until you are totally entrenched in the lives of these wretched souls. We are taken to the back alleys, the dank clubs, the places rats thrive and evil festers. And yet, a rose can be found…

Rose isn’t like the others, but life doesn’t care her cards have been dealt. Then there’s Detective Samuel Sandoval a good guy at heart disillusioned by the night and the denizens who dwell there. We also meet those who welcome the dark… the serial killer, the arsonist, the ladies who prey on men, and the men who make ladies their prey. All of this makes for a graphically drenched nightmare that few will ever know unless they too have walked the path embraced by the night.

I have to give kudos to Ben Baldwin (also an award winner), once again he has a delivered a book cover that is stellar. His interior artwork captures the very essence of the characters giving us a reference point to build upon while creating this city in our minds.

I really don’t want to say too much more because I think this is one of those books that need to be interpreted by each reader and made personal by you own experiences. I just know this is truly a powerful story, one that I highly recommend reading!!

Sacrificial Nights can be picked up HERE!

5/5  sacrificialnights


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  1. I did get this for my Kindle and will be reading it soon. Thank you Paula…I love poetry.


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