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Mike Duke ‘Ashley’s Tale’ Review

Written by: Myra Gabor

Does the will to live mean the will to kill? Does kidnapping, mental and physical torture force a person to be strong? Can a young woman who has been abused and raped as a child rise above her helplessness? Those are the questions that are asked in this novella.

Mr. Duke tells us the story of Ashley. Poor Ashley. She’s a young woman who was kidnapped. Her shock is compounded when the kidnapper talks to her about her Uncle Tim. Uncle Tim is the one who used to come into her bed when she was a child and who told her how nieces were supposed to like their uncles.

The author also gives us Jake, a man who admires strong women. He admires them so much that he snatches one, Ashley, right off the street. He regards her as weak. He knows that if he tortures her, beats her, terrorizes her, then forces her to fight, she will rise above her timidity and her vulnerabilities and become strong. Or she will die.

There are a lot of very detailed fight scenes. Yes, it’s philosophical and it’s also a comment on what a human being could do in order to survive. It’s got everything in the right combination and being it’s a novella, it’s also a fast read.

I can recommend this for you. And you can order it here.

Rating: 5/5


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2 Comments on Mike Duke ‘Ashley’s Tale’ Review

  1. It sounds like there are some really tough topics in this novella. Thanks for the review!

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  2. Thank you Matt for the incredibly favorable review! FYI, there is a part two available now – Ashley’s Tale: Making Jake, which goes into the backstory of how Jake became the man he is. A part three is pending release as well. Cheers man! Incredibly stoked!


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