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Stephen Bacon, Laudanum Nights review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Laudanum Nights is a horror story told quite nicely within a Victorian age backdrop. Stephen Bacon has a way of bringing out the monsters hidden in what was considered the period of “refined sensibilities.” Ah, but of course sensibilities will take a back seat in the events unfolded before you. Here we are taken to the seedier side of the era.

Leonard Miller is an educated man, a lecturer at a university yet we find him living in amongst the lower class. Here he can hide from prying eyes. A young girl, Martha who Leonard tutors, has just gone missing and because of his past, the police cast a suspicious eye his way. This isn’t the first time a child has disappeared.

Leonard finds himself drawn into the case and sets about searching for the girl on his own. It soon becomes clear that there is a common factor between the children that are missing… a doll. Not an ordinary doll but one that can only be purchased at a specialty shop. As he begins to trace the origins of the doll it becomes clear there is something evil lurking in the shadows and the shadows lead to Mr. Salazar.

Rumor has that Salazar deals in the black arts, hoping to find answers Leonard decides to pay a visit to this elusive man of Fen House. Here in this secluded home reeking of depravity and madness Leonard finds more than just answers, he finds himself fighting for his life.

I really enjoyed this novella, it starts off with all the makings of a good murder mystery and slowly evolves into a tale of terror. Anyone that is a fan of Stephen Bacon will surely enjoy this one, and if you have never read a book by him then by all means let this story introduce you to some great story-telling. You can pick up a copy HERE!

5/5     laudanumnights

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  1. This is definitely my kind of book. I love mystery/thriller/horror mashups, and really like that this novella has a straightforward and intriguing plot line. Thanks for the review!


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