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Brian Keene ‘Alone’ Review

Brian Keene Alone

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour 

Alone is a brief novella by Brian Keene. The story centers upon Dan Miller, a middle aged man, who wakes up to find himself alone. His partner and daughter are missing. He attempts to notify authorities only to find that there is no power and his cell phone has stopped working. To make matters worse, a dense cover of fog surrounds his immediate neighborhood preventing his escape. There is something in the fog, something that feels wrong. Alone, Dan must come to terms with his predicament and the being which lurks beyond.

Predictability aside, Alone is a poignant and heart-felt horror narrative focusing on loss. Most will come to understand what has happened to the protagonist long before he does, but such is often the case. The closer you are to something, the harder it is to let go.

Brian Keene is often spoken of in relation to pulp horror novels such as The Rising or Earthworm Gods, but there is another more thought provoking and sentimental side to the writer. This is evident in works, such as Girl on the Glider and Ghoul. Alone fits in with these other stories. Its near perfect execution makes it a clear example of why so many horror fans are enamored with the author. Time and time again, Brian Keene has demonstrated that he understands the genre and has a broad range of stories to tell.

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Rating: 4/5

Brian Keene Alone

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