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Jeff Lindsay “Dearly Devoted Dexter” Review


Written by Bindi Lavelle

The second instalment of Jeff Lindsay’s hugely popular Dexter series sees the lovable serial killer become loving family man all the while tracking two mysterious murders in his Miami home to satisfy his dark passenger.

Dearly Devoted Dexter, seeing the title character searching for Reiker, the accomplice of a paedophile serial killer whom Dexter had already to disposed of in his free time; While at his job as blood splatter analyst for the Miami-Dade police department, he along with his detective sister Deb and her federal agent love interest Kyle Chutsky, investigate a torturer with ties to El Salvador. All the while under the watchful eye of Sergeant Doakes, a workmate who senses something is amiss with Dexter.

Dexter, being more self-aware than most fictional serial killers examines himself and his lack of humanity; discussing his observations on human nature with the reader with dark humour, Dexter is as charming as he tells you he is.  And for a large part, the enjoyment of the book really falls upon Dexter’s likability, so those who dislike wise cracking narration had best steer away.

And while Dexter loves to tell you how much of a monster he is, Lindsay illustrates his depth and complexity with Dexter’s bond with his sister, in addition to his relationship with his step children Astor and Cody (who he discovers over the course of the book are more like him than he first thought).

Overall Dearly Devoted Dexter is a pleasant murderous romp, providing the reader with plenty of blood and dark humour. Those seeking a twist on the standard serial killer fare will not be disappointed.

Rating: 3.5/5


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Meanijin based poet and editor.

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