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Brian Joines, Dean Kotz ‘Krampus!’ Review


Written by: Matt Molgaard

Earlier this year Image Comics released their yuletide terror tale, Krampus! In graphic novel format, and let’s just say it is an absolute wonder to behold. Dean Kotz’s artwork is wonderfully frenetic, making for a perfect complement to Brian Joines’ narrative. And trust this, Joines’ tale is absolutely bonkers.

The story sees the vile Krampus freed from a multi-decade long imprisonment by the Secret Society of Santa’s, who locked the creature away after he became just a bit too excessive in his punishment of children. But there’s a new problem that the Santa crew must face: Saint Nick’s – the original Santa – bones have gone missing, and now that they’ve been stolen by an unknown villain, the Santas have lost their powers. No toys for the children, no order in the North Pole, and no escaping their desolate location. And, as tough a pill as it may be to swallow, the group of old gents realize that Krampus may be the only one fit to save Christmas.

This is such a blast of a book. There are so many fine twists and outlandish folkloric and historical figures featured that it is impossible to do anything but fall in love with the book. We meet Doc Holliday, the actual Nutcracker, tons of evil fairies, Old Man Winter and… well, a lot of other really, really cool characters. And they all add some nice spice to this sprawling tale (trust this, the story isn’t confined to the icy regions of the North Pole alone).

I could continue gushing on this book for an hour or so. That isn’t really necessary, however. What is necessary is a purchase, made by you, the fans of profoundly memorable seasonal works. Especially beautifully written and illustrated seasonal works with a bit of nastiness to sate the appetite of the horror hungry.

Go buy this book ASAP!

Rating: 5/5


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