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Wesley Thomas Dabbles with Terry M. West’s ‘Heroin in the Magic Now’

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Terry most certainly hasn’t lost his twisted touch! The title for this book is appropriate, as you will feel high whilst reading it, and crave to read the tale again once it has ended.

West somehow manages, in a world of remakes and imitations, to create a truly unique, addictive story. HITM is no exception. He takes us on an unforgettable ride.

Gary is a dodgy, drug abusing director working any job he can to feed his addiction. So when an enthusiastic band member invites him to shoot a video, he jumps at the paying job. But this job leads him to a very wealthy man who offers Gary some serious money, on a regular basis. However, Gary still has his reservations due to the nature of the shoots this rich man is intending on employing him for. This all happens in a world where the dead are very much alive and kicking.

Terry creates a realistic society in a world where creatures of the night are as real as air. To add to the realism he evens drops racism and prejudice into the mix. But to contrast with this point, there was an element of surrealism by Terry’s depictions of the city and people.

You have an entertaining selection of oddball characters that keep the pace moving. But I became very attached to the character of Gary. His history, both professional and personal, and his ongoing substance abuse issue. The reader really gets an idea of how someone becomes dependent on a drug, the motivations behind that reliance, and what the individual experiences when they are intoxicated.

The graphic content of this short was both sick, but sublime, and let’s face it, that’s one reason we read horror. If you need bloody and brutal, you can get a guaranteed fix here. A true horror writer will make you question their mental health due to the nature of the fiction, and Terry definitely had me doubting his sanity for a large chunk of the story.

He doesn’t allow you to rest at all. There is shock after shock after shock in a universe comparable to hell. A tale that brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘weird’. Even though I have read West’s work before, it is safe to say I’ve read nothing like this!

An aspect that has to be mentioned is how iconic monsters have been given a new lease of life. Classic creatures have been taken and polished up for our modern era. Terry has made his own set of rules, which I personally think are fantastic.

So, all in all, a gory, well written, intriguing, addictive and horror-injected read.

Pre-order it here.

Rating: 5/5


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