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Michaelbrent Collings ‘The Colony: Shift’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Hmm, where to begin?  Ok I guess I’ll start with book 1, The Colony: Genesis, it was a brilliant book which I reviewed for this site, then followed The Colony: Renegades another stellar read, another 5 star rating.  Finally book 3 was released The Colony: Descent the story will come full circle, right? Nooo, it was not the end, we had to wait for book 4 and now we are at 5.

I really loved this series when it began, Ken Strickland is a schoolteacher who had to fight against all odds to find and save his family.  They’ve been through a lot and still persevere but enough is enough.  I feel that by book 4 the story should perhaps have been finalized as it almost seemed that the author was just milking it.  Now with The Colony: Shift I’m am ready to say goodbye.

This latest entry (notice, I say latest, it’s still not finished) consists mainly of one long train ride.  Ken finds himself tied up in a moving boxcar.  Upon freeing himself, he sets out to find his family once again. With his so-called friends at the front of the train and the zombies climbing on to the back of the train, Ken has a rough ride ahead of him.

I know there are people out there that are going to disagree and you have that right, I’m just saying I personally feel cheated. When I read a book, I am investing free time that is a precious commodity for me. I want to be wowed and this no longer wows me.  Of course there is a part of me that still wants to know, what’s to become of the children, will they become zombies or are they on the cusp of becoming a whole new breed.  Oh yeah, I also want to know how the snow leopard ties into the scheme of things.  Aah, maybe I will have to read one more book.

This isn’t a bad book; it just no longer excites me at the moment.  Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts on this book or my review.

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Rating: 3/5

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1 Comment on Michaelbrent Collings ‘The Colony: Shift’ Review

  1. Vitina Molgaard // July 16, 2014 at 4:57 pm // Reply

    Completely understand what you have to say here Paula…sometimes it can be frustrating and definitely annoying when these things happen. Cheers to YOU for making it this far and still being able to rate it with a 3…but I believe you truly enjoyed the beginning and that is why a 3 was correct. I am sure there will be plenty of people who will still read and enjoy these tales, because they love them . Thank you for the honesty here.I always enjoy an honest review..Vitina


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