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William Massa’s ‘Gargoyle Knight’ Arrives!


It’s obvious we love William Massa around these parts. He writes awesome material for us, He writes awesome fiction. He cares about the genre. And hell, he’s just a good dude in general. And that’s why it’s a pleasure to let you know that his latest release, and follow up to the very successful Fear the Light: Who Murdered Dracula?, is available today, for a nice introductory price of just $.99.

Gargoyle Knight sounds like a trippy affair, and given the heavy praise he was dealt for Fear the Light, there’s no reason to believe this one won’t garner a strong following as well.

You can order this one right now, right here.

Here’s the synopsis:

When his kingdom is threatened by an ancient evil, a knight is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. If he is to defeat an army of monsters, he must become one himself! His victory carries a terrible price… An eternity frozen in stone.

Fifteen centuries later, the warrior is awakened when the world needs him most. A stranger in a strange land with his only guide a beautiful archeology student, he must face his old adversary once again while struggling with his own darkness. For he is by day a man, by night cursed to become… The GARGOYLE!

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