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Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee ‘The Woman’ Review



Written by: Vitina Molgaard

“Whoever refuses to remember the inhumanity is prone to new risks of infection.”

-Former President of Germany, Richard Weizsaecker

Another new author for me. Well Mr. Ketchum has certainly caught my attention. This was quite the read for me. I had heard about his talent but along with that I was forewarned that the man definitely tells a graphic story. A fair statement.

The woman is alone and injured, fighting to survive and heal in a world not suited for her, and foreign to the family background she experienced. You see, she is very different from other people, as the lone survivor of a feral family of cannibals. Although injured she retains great strength and has a ferocious survival instinct. Her name is something we never know nor do we need to. This woman’s world is about to change as she is discovered by, Chris Cleek, a local out hunting.

Chris Cleek is a lawyer with a decent practice and a comfortable family: a wife, one teenage son and two daughters. But he’s also got a secret violent perversion that is about to be discovered and openly shared with his new catch, the woman. You see he has built her a prison in his basement and has every intention of using it for his pleasure. Thinking about it, calling Mr. Cleek a man seems unfair to the rest of the human race. He is a beast. Cruel, sadistic and ready to involve his family in his choices and devious tendencies.

This novel takes inhumanity to a new level. As the reader you will wonder just who is the real monster, the captive or the captor. As the tale unfolds we discover that almost every personality within its pages are horrific creatures that walk around on two legs. It actually becomes something of a challenge caring for anyone in the novel.

As I mentioned earlier, our author is a skilled writer gifted with a knack for the graphic. This is most certainly graphic… and so much more. Ketchum takes the reader to ugly places, filled with gore, anger, hatred and violence. While extreme, I did not find myself let down in anyway by this piece of work. The pages carried me through to a conclusion that fulfilled my desire to see some type of justice meted out without taking anything away from the story.

At the end of the day would I recommend this to you? I am pleased and a little surprised by myself to say oh hell yes. I usually stand back from tales that get this down and dirty, but not this time. I can only believe it to be the quality of Mr. Ketchum’s ability to create a disgustingly magnetic narrative. Take the time and read this one.

Order it here.

Rating: 4.5/5



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