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Here’s the Breakdown and Trailer for Gary Fry’s ‘Lurker’


Written by: David Gatward

Dark Fuse is a great little publisher. Everything that they do drips with passion (a dark one) and a real dedication to producing stuff to a standard the big boys in publishing would be envious of.

Gary Fry’s third publication, Lurker, doesn’t just look the business, it sounds it, too. This is the blurb:

“Meg and Harry have retreated to a remote cottage on the northeast coast of England to recuperate from the mental and physical stress of losing their baby. While exploring the ancient coastal landscape, Meg chances upon eighteenth-century quarry mines reclaimed by nature. But birds and butterflies aren’t all she finds.

When a young woman goes missing, Meg must try to make sense of her many bizarre experiences: muddy handprints on the walls, savage dreams, and a visit from a stranger who may not be what she seems.

And something else is lurking nearby, something that adapts and feeds on grief. And Meg may not be able to stop it…”

And if that’s not enough to get you interested, surely the fact that this draws on Lovecraft is hook enough? Click here to find out more and download.

Check out the book trailer below


“Dave is an award-winning author hailing from the UK. His Dead Trilogy was launched in the US on Kindle in November 2013. For more info:, or to follow him on twitter: @davidgatward, and on facebook.”

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