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Taylor Grant ‘The Dark at the End of the Tunnel’ Review

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Telling a short story is an art form. One has only so many words in which to plot out his story, flesh out his characters, and bring everything together to form a cohesive tale. I think Taylor Grant has truly nailed this. Each story here is worthy of reading.

There is quite an eclectic collection to be found here. Although they are horror stories, there is something to be learned. A study in humanity if you will, but with only the dark side showing through once the veneer has been pulled away. Entertaining and frightening at the same time.

In Masks, we see a man’s façade slowly slip away as his true nature begins to surface. How many of us have those baser feelings that we tamp down, allowing to them to slowly simmer until we give in?

Dead Pool is a story of revenge. I’m sure we’ve all encountered a bully at some time in our lives, someone we just dream of getting revenge on. Aah, but sometimes those dreams can come to fruition and is it ever sweet!

The Infected, such a sad story; it could be a story about any of us. A life of hope and ambition that without us realizing until it’s too late has become one of tedium.

Have ever glimpsed something out of the corner of your eye? Perhaps a shadowy figure, a dark splotch. Well, Grady has. He has a name for those things, The Vood. Most people ignore these phenomena, but Grady knows it’s real and has made it his life to avoid encounters with the Vood. We all know what they say about “best-laid plans.”

What would you do if given a chance to begin anew? The Dark at the End of the Tunnel is a story of one such man who did just that. New name, new face, but alas, the old memories are slowly coming back. One’s destiny is inescapable, no matter how hard you try to change it.

Altogether there are ten very different stories that will keep you turning the pages.  If you are a fan of short stories this is truly a good book to pick up! Grab your copy here!

Rating: 5/5


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