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Author Spotlight: Wayne C. Rogers

We thought we’d begin a new column. Author Spotlight is the name, highlighting the work of new, prolific and polished talents is the game. Today the spotlight shines on Wayne C. Rogers.

Wayne C. Rogers is probably best known for his book and movie reviews, not to mention his articles relating to the “Horror” genre.  What many people in the horror community are just now realizing is that Wayne is also a writer of “horror” and “crime noir” fiction.  Though he has written a number of reviews and articles for the Horror Novel Reviews and still manages to squeeze in a few every now and then, most of his free time is now spent creating new and interesting short stories, novellas, and novels.  He has also written two major screenplays and nearly a dozen shorter scripts that are based on his fiction.

A lot of Wayne’s current fiction can now be found on in their Kindle Store with wonderful covers drawn by Terry M. West and Chad Lutzke, both of which are mighty fine authors in their own right.

Shanghai Ed

You’re going to encounter stories such as The Crawlspace, in which a handyman for a Las Vegas apartment complex has to crawl underneath one of the building against his better instincts and discovers more than he bargained for.  There’s also Norma Jean, which deals with a hitchhiker on a lonely beach road off the coast of North Carolina and what he has to deal with during the course of his journey to Atlantic Beach.  And, there’s Shanghai Ed and the Valley of Gold, a serial novel that Wayne is currently working on.  This is a take-off on the Indiana Jones movies, which Wayne has a strong passion for.  Parts One & Two of Shanghai Ed are now up with Part Three on its way after he finishes a long horror novella called A Final Taste of Blood.  This novella should be up on Amazon by the middle of January and will be Wayne’s gift for 2016.  Part Three of Shanghai will be up around the first week of February.

And then there’s The Countess, a long short story about a Dominatrix in the Red Light District of San Francisco, who also happens to be a vampire.  She’s about to meet her match in the killing field as the older brother of one of her victims has finally tracked her down to the Red Lantern Lounge.  This man was once a CIA assassin, and now, he intends to kill one last time.  You can read this story now on Amazon, but at your own risk.

The Countess

There are, of course, many other stories by Wayne on Amazon’s Kindle Store with a crime noir novel called Johnny Ten, due in June of 2016.  This novel is about a private detective in Las Vegas during the mid-seventies and what happens when the Mob murders his client, and he decides to take them on in a battle to the death.  This will be the first in a line of Johnny Ten novels to come in the future.  “His calling card of death is the ten of hearts.

Last, Wayne is currently writing the first season of a six-episode television series called Dolan.  Mike Dolan’s daughter and granddaughter were murdered by two serial killers.  When Dolan shot one of them while in protective custody, he spent the next five years of his life in a Nevada prison, losing his job as a Las Vegas Homicide Detective and his wife.  Once he finally gets out of prison, he becomes a hunter of missing children.  But first, the second of the serial killers is back and needs to complete his revenge against Dolan by viciously murdering everyone who is close to the ex-cop.  Dolan has to come from behind and stay one step ahead, struggling to protect the ones who are still alive, while attempting to take out the final murderer of his family.  “You don’t get in Dolan’s way and live to tell about it.”

This is the Horror Novel Reviews’ way of saying thank you to Wayne C. Rogers for his support and writing talents over the last three years.  This is an author who is going places in the world of writing if his health (we’re always wishing you well, Wayne!) doesn’t get the best of him.

Visit Wayne’s Amazon author page right here, and be sure to give him a follow on Facebook!

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4 Comments on Author Spotlight: Wayne C. Rogers

  1. This is excellent. Congratulations to Wayne Rogers a man of many talents. Here is wishing him only the best. It has been my pleasure over the years to share space her with you. So Wayne..Read any good books lately? Vitina

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  2. That is actually here with you …sorry my friend.


  3. I love author spotlights. We do an Author of the Month at our local library and it sparks lots of interest. Look forward to more here.


  4. Wayne C. Rogers // January 30, 2016 at 5:05 am // Reply

    Vitina, I have the e-book of Night Things by Terry West to read, plus I’m presently enjoying Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz, and I have Honky Tonk Samurai by Joe Lansdale on order with Amazon. I also have a few others to read, so my plate is full, as the old saying goes.


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