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Kristopher Rufty ‘Jagger’ Review

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Well, this book is nothing short of sinister. Gory, graphic, threatening, terrifying, exhilarating, and positively mind-blowing. With so many appeals there is almost an endless list of reasons why you should be reading this. It is a guaranteed reader-pleaser. Kristopher has that writing style that is so addictive it practically compels the reader to continue, unable to stop until the book has been finished. With a flawless flow and pacing handled with precision and perfection. All the while we’re unable to put the book down, you’ll be gasping, cringing and gagging. But that is why we love our horror books due to the visceral responses we feel when enjoying truly remarkable horror fiction. An author that can evoke strong emotional and physical responses is one to remember! And Rufty gives us that and so much more!

In ‘Jagger’ we have the protagonist Amy. A young woman who just happens to own an enormous dog that she adores. Amy thinks of him as a goofball and completely harmless. Unless of course you try to hurt her, then all bets are off. Along with Jagger is her unofficial room mate Teresa. But Teresa’s on and off boyfriend Clayton manages to get himself into some serious financial trouble. The debt owed is so large that it forces the poor man to perform some truly unsavoury acts in order to ease some of the pressure and give him more time to figure out how to get his hands on several thousand dollars. But when all is said and done this doesn’t seem to help, to Clayton’s dismay. With no more options and out of luck, he turns to his slightly insane friend Stan, desperate for help. Although mentally unhinged, this nut job does think of one way to solve his problems that might actually work. It is not easy, cheap or safe. It is not even a guaranteed way out, but choices are a luxury Clayton cannot afford, and a huge risk is the only sure thing that will come from the plan. But when Clayton is told he’ll need a big dog for this to work, he begins to get nervous as he doesn’t know any. But that is when Teresa has an idea.

You’re stomach will squirm throughout this marvelous creation, fearful for the characters and anxious at how it will all end.

Rufty gives us a truly disturbing, superb horror that is unlike anything you’ve read before. The characterizations are flawless. We grow to hate, love, sympathize and pity. We form all kinds of bonds with these fictional characters, hoping some will prevail, and others will fail miserably. And as is often the case in most fiction, we have a complex romantic entanglement. After several gruesome deaths a cop becomes involved and starts to have feelings for Amy. But at that time Amy is in no fit state to think about relationships. Then we have vivid descriptions forcing us to feel pain, nausea, dizziness, terror and even shame. Clearly the author wants to shock and scare the reader with multiple tactics, which all pay off. This is the novel we have all been waiting for, that packs plenty of punches!

There is a timeless quality to it and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Warning: don’t eat before, during and you definitely won’t wanna eat after. Rufty’s depictions are superb! He uses a wide variety of powerful words and phrasing to bring sensations, smells and sights to life. Everything practically jumps off the page. Also, for the dog lovers among us, prepare yourselves. This book could quite possibly change how you see dogs. Remember Stephen King’s ‘Cujo’? Well multiply it by ten, add more depth, massacre and fear. A vicious ride that entertains and petrifies us from page one until the end.

At several points in the book we question Kristopher’s mental sanity. Which in my opinion, is the true mark of a terrific horror writer. I urge you to read this as soon as possible.

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5


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