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William Massa ‘Match’ Review

Written by: Paula Limbaugh 

“Love is like a flame. It burns you when it’s hot.”

Cool cover, huh?  An even cooler book.  William Massa has come up with an interesting ghost story, quite different, a story for  the new age.  The story grabbed hold right at the beginning and was hard to let go until I finished.

Meet Mark, a young man arriving at his brother’s apartment ready to hang out and chill for the evening.  Instead he finds his brother’s “charred, smoldering body sprawled on the bed, clothing baked into the skin.”  With a final gasp, Mark’s brother Josh, utters the name Akasha.The fire department theorizes that Josh fell asleep while smoking and set himself on fire, but Mark’s not buying it.

Determined to find out what really happened Mark begins to investigate the odd circumstances, starting with the name Akasha.  Who is she and how is she involved with Josh.  The deeper Mark delves into Akasha’s background the more deadly things become.  Mark finds others that have dealt with Akasha, and is soon able to discern a pattern to Akasha’s evil doings.  With his own life now in jeopardy he needs to find answers before time runs.

This is a good supernatural thriller, easy to read and fast-paced.  It is told in the first person, a format that I don’t normally care for but it worked here.  I think the author did a great job keeping the main character’s tone conversational and thus giving the narration a relaxed flow.  I think you’ll enjoy it, I did. Pick up your copy here.

Order it here.

Rating: 4/5


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