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Jeff Strand ‘Facial’ Review’

Written by: Paula Limbuagh

Jeff Strand, author of Fangboy, Dead Clown Barbecue, Wolf Hunt and many more has come up with another comedic horror story that really stretches the imagination.  Facial from  is not about a spa treatment, it’s about a face. Huh, you say, a face? What kind of story can one write about a face?  Well, how about a pretty weird, off the wall, I liked it kind of story!

Carlton, not the neatest of guys has just stumbled upon a dead lion in his basement; a smelly decomposing lion. Befuddled he begins to head back upstairs, when suddenly a voice yells out STOP! When he finally finds the source of the voice, a face sticking up from the basement floor his descent into madness begins. The face is hungry. He wants a head from a fresh corpse, for some reason Carlton feels compelled to help the face.

Carlton’s brother Greg has a cheating wife, she’s been juggling so many different lovers that it’s hard to keep track. When one lover had the gall to send Greg a picture of the two lovers, he snapped. He hires a hit man to kill the lover. In turn he kills the hit man when the job is done. Are you still with me?  Okay, so feeling remorseful he calls Carlton for advice and guess what? Carlton has a solution for getting rid of the body, bring it to his house.

The face begins multiplying and of course his need for food is increasing. With the death toll climbing and the faces growing, something needs to give. But, what? Anyone familiar with Jeff Strand’s work knows this is going to be one “gleefully macabre” tale!  I don’t know how this four time Bram Stoker award nominated author keeps coming up with these horrifically funny stories, but I hope he doesn’t stop any time soon. You can preorder this book now at Amazon. Also visit Jeff’s webpage for more book listings and even a FREE short story!

Rating: 4/5


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