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Wesley Thomas Shares His Thoughts on William Massa’s ‘Occult Assassin: Ice God’

Written by: Wesley Thomas

What an excellent ride! A unique story mixing horror, action and adventure perfectly.

I have waited too long to experience William’s superb writing, and I will not wait that long to read more of his cutting-edge fiction.

In a place littered with snow are a group of men who’re all part of a black metal band. But all the while, in-between gigs and touring, they hide dark, sinister secrets that threaten the villagers of the lead singer’s home town.

A rash of disappearances, and odd coincidences, leads a billionaire to hire the services of a trained soldier and experienced fighter: Talon.

It’s Talon’s job to save future victims before it’s too late and battle the foe, all the while coping with his own inner turmoil of past tragedies.

In a tale of breathless suspense we are taken on an icy mission.

Talon, in my opinion, should be an iconic hero. Marvel should be ready and waiting.

He has all the makings of the next Hercules or Superman, only much rougher around the edges, and more rugged. His awful history makes him more real, and his acceptance of his work repeatedly throwing him into the hornet’s nest and how fatal that could turn out, makes him a realist. Each day he knows it may be his last, so he fights to the death, and fear is a luxury he can’t afford.

Deep down Talon’s an emotional mess wrapped in masculinity and solitude. After unfortunate events he strays from too much human contact and concentrates on his missions. As the journey progresses we are given flashes from his past, and cannot help but sympathize with the hard times he’s endured. But what makes him so incredible is his relentless will, and motivation, regardless of anything else.

To contrast greatly with Talon, is the antagonist, who, as a result of Will’s writing, we hate. His selfish, evil and cruel justifications for his actions compel us to despise this individual.

The writing is flawless. Excellent description used to express a feeling, sight or smell. There wasn’t a dull adjective in the whole book. Each depiction evoked empathy as you understand very clearly how a person is feeling. Not to mention the superb sensory descriptions. Which is essential when a story takes place in the snow. We must feel the frost bites, the numbing skin, the chattering teeth, and we do!

A smooth build up and quick pace leaves no room for second thought. The book propels into a speed of its own, and we are forced to follow this.

Although the content is anything but neat, as it explores the occult, death, mystery and conspiracy, the execution and whole book is neatly tied. We have a clear sense of beginning, middle and end.

After reading this I must read the other books in the Occult Assassin series.

This is an innovative, refreshing, suspenseful and addictive adventure that clashes with horror and the supernatural. A powerful insertion to an intriguing series that is like no other.

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5



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