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We’re Launching a ‘Horror Story of the Week’ Column!

Horror Story of the Week


If you want to see your short fiction featured on the home page, as well as the new section (linked directly from the home page), send your story to I’ll sort through the submissions (those who entered but did not win a position in the Pieces of Everything anthology, this may be a good opportunity to get your story featured and promoted) and pick the best of the week.

We’ll give you seven days in the site’s featured position. In addition you’ll own the “Horror Story of the Week” landscape exclusively for a week as well. And of course, you’ll receive the good old social media push from us, but it’s up to you to share your story as well, which we strongly encourage. No one is going to reach your fans as well as you are.

Get those submissions in! We launch next Wednesday!

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3 Comments on We’re Launching a ‘Horror Story of the Week’ Column!

  1. Are there any stipulations or rules for this? Word counts? Are there going to be any prompts each week, or are we free to just submit whatever every week? And when will the deadline be each week?


  2. No serious stipulations at this point (want to get a little feel for the number of submissions that come in weekly for a month or so before I decide if this will be a permanent addition to the site). No worries on word count. I’ll post the week’s winning piece every Wednesday – so anyone can get their story submitted as late as Tuesday evening.


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