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Don Sumner ‘Horror Movie Freak’ Review


Written by: Matt Molgaard

Don and I have worked together for some time. For those unaware, Don runs horror film powerhouse site,, and when he’s not working to keep horror hounds pleased with web content, he dabbles in paperback releases. His guide to genre works, Horror Movie Freak is an impressive book for a number of reasons, the most significant (in my opinion) however, is the fact that it’s a book aimed at longtime genre fans as well as terror neophytes. A mental encyclopedia of the horror genre isn’t required to dig on this piece, and yet Don also delivers an intricate enough guide to film to please lifelong supporters of the macabre. There’s a fine balance here and it’s sure to appeal to major masses.

Sumner breaks down the rules of horror films, explores the many subgenres we’ve come to know and touches down on the remake craze and a whole hell of a lot more. For a book that barely surpasses 250 pages, there’s a wealth of insight and information to absorb here; no stone goes unturned. And perhaps best of all (but not surprising to me, personally), it’s well-written. Don’s got a knack for words, and while he doesn’t necessarily ooze astounding humor or charisma, he’s very precise in his message, ultimately delivering an engaging, educational and enjoyable read.

If you’re interested in mandatory viewing, Don’s going to fill you in. Key thespian profiles? He’s got you covered. Eager to read up on some of histories finest Scream Queens, Sumner has your back. Again, I reiterate, no stone goes unturned, and as an obsessed fanatic for genre works since the mid-1980s, I’m thoroughly impressed by the ample nature of Horror Movie Freak. There’s something here for everyone, and if you happen to grow tired of reading through thought provoking summaries and analysis, you can always take a break and check out the kick ass bonus included with the book: A DVD of George Romero’s superb classic, Night of the Living Dead.

This is a must-own for those of us with twisted minds. And I don’t say that because Don helps pay a few of my bills, and I don’t say that because I consider the man a friend. I say that because Don Sumner has delivered a piece of work that’s respectable, thrilling and damn informative. Do yourself a favor and add a mandatory guide to your book collection. You’re likely to learn something, and, well, you can thank me later – over on (another shameless plug? You bet your ass!).

Order it here.

Rating: 4.5/5

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1 Comment on Don Sumner ‘Horror Movie Freak’ Review

  1. Vitina Molgaard // June 16, 2014 at 6:41 am // Reply

    Interesting review… this would probably help me to get a better insight to the world of horror movies. Sounds like a very good idea that I may very well end up checking out for myself. Thank you and Don Sumner for the opportunity to further educate myself. Vitina Molgaard


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